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TOP 5 Things To Do in South Cebu, Philippines

Nature puts on a show every day, and it’s such a marvelous feeling if you’re in the right place when it happens. That’s what I learned during our 4-day vacation in Cebu, one of the most captivating provinces in the Philippines. Cebu city is the oldest city in the country and was once the country’s capital. Because it’s the first settlement set up by Spaniards in the Philippines, it’s rich history can be traced on its old churches and grand festivities. Moreover, it’s home to countless white sand beaches, magnificent whale sharks, scenic waterfalls and a lot more breathtaking nature encounters.

Most of these you can be found in south Cebu, where we stayed in time for Oslob’s Fiesta. Here are just some of the places and activities that you can enjoy while you’re there:

Whale Sharks

From the city, you can head to Tan-awan, Oslob via Ceres bus. Tick off your bucket list by watching the world’s largest known living fish species: whale sharks! They are locally known as “Butanding”. Standard tourist fee comes with a life vest, but if you want to snorkel and swim with the giant fishes, there’s an additional fee. And make sure to listen and follow the instructions of the divers in order to preserve these harmless sharks.

Sumilon Island

Rise early and head to Sumilon Island while the tide is low. This is the best way to enjoy the powdery white sand and clear waters surrounding the island. This place is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving to discover the enchanted beauty of the Caceres reef.

Sumilon Island

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan falls is one of the most popular falls in the Philippines especially among adventure seekers. Its serene turquoise blue water is relaxing to the eye and the sound of its falling water gives a calming feeling. You can embark on a bamboo raft and have a neck massage under its pouring water. If you don’t want to miss the real adventure, you can go canyoneering. There are people around the area who offer equipment for this activity.

Bamboo rafting in Kawasan Falls

White Sand Beaches

In south Cebu, you will never run out of beautiful beaches. Definitely, the best way to beat the summer heat. Once you have a glimpse of the crystal blue waters, you’ll easily forget how far you’ve traveled. You can get around the area and choose from the affordable resorts. Even the free ones are undeniably beautiful! It’s really hard to keep yourself from having a splash every now and then if you’re staying in this place.

The beach in front of my in-laws’ ancestral house

Old Churches and Festivities

History plays a big part in the allure that Cebu has. It’s the island where the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan first landed when he was said to discover the Philippines. Catholicism was then introduced and gave birth to the majestic old churches around the province. One of these is the Caceres church which was made lovelier by a picturesque sunset which is right on the sea. The festivities, the solemn mass, and the beautiful sunset are the just some of the remarkable things that make this place unforgettable.

One of the old churches in Oslob
Sunset in front of the church

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