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12 Best Experiences to Have in Central America

When it comes to breathtaking experiences and unmatched adventures it is hard to beat what Central America has to offer. From idyllic islands to national parks teeming with wildlife to roaring waves and rumbling volcanoes. It simply has it all and more. With endless adventures and experiences waiting to be discovered and its limitless potential, it is definitely not an easy task to break it down to a list, but one has to try! Here, together we will get to know 12 best experiences you just cannot miss in the beautiful and exotic Central America.

Volcan Acatenango Hike, Guatemala

Volcan Acatenango Hike, Guatemala

Hiking the striking Volcan Acatenango in Guatemala is hands down, one of the most breathtaking adventures and experiences you can have in all of Central America.
Rising to the elevation of nearly 4000 meters, Acatenango is going to be a challenge with spectacular rewards.
Start your hike in a beautiful jungle forest and watch it slowly become a volcanic desert, until you reach the campsite, just one hour walk below the summit. Once there, you will be welcomed by its stunning neighbor Volcan Fuego, which is erupting every single day.
Sit by the bonfire, watch nature’s fireworks in action and meet the epic sunrise at the top. Can it get any better? It doesn’t!

Dive The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Dive The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Let’s continue with Guatemala’s neighbor, the exotic and scorching-hot Belize! Did you know that Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest coral reef system on the planet? As awesome as that is, with it comes to the unique Great Blue Hole.
It’s a giant marine sinkhole with the depths of 124 m and is pulsing with a great diversity of marine wildlife. You can come across species like Midnight Parrotfish, Caribbean Reef Shark, Angelfish, Turtles and many many more!
Dozens of scuba diving enthusiasts from across the globe travel here to experience something otherworldly and extraordinary, and you shouldn’t miss this amazing experience in Central America too!

Explore Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a green rainforest that is home to more than one hundreds species of mammals and birds. All of that in one of the smallest parks in Costa Rica, how about that?
Hike the trails where you are bound to see plenty of wildlife, enjoy top quality beaches and simply blend in with the locals in the small town of Manuel Antonio.
Exploring Manuel Antonio National Park is simply a must when visiting Central America and exotic Costa Rica for an unforgettable experience!

Discover The Ancient Tikal, Guatemala

Ancient Tikal, Guatemala

Let’s come back to beautiful Guatemala for a second. While Central America boasts multiple ancient Mayan sites and ruins, Tikal is the most outstanding and breathtaking. No competition here!
Once the most powerful kingdom in the ancient Maya, Tikal is nothing but majestic and spectacular to witness.
These iconic ruins of temples and palaces are spread out throughout the pristine lush jungle where you will also easily spot wildlife and hear the howler monkey’s roars echo with force.
Marvel at the ruins like Temple IV reaching heights of 70 meters, discover various other temples, palaces and important buildings and walk the ancient paths with the atmosphere like no other.
Tikal is once in a lifetime experience and a must for any visitor in Central America!

Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding, Nicaragua

For those who love different adventures that are full of fun and comes with a spice of extreme, Nicaragua has a pleasant surprise!
Does racing down an active volcano at speeds of 30 mph on a wooden board sounds like fun?
Volcano boarding is an adrenaline filled sport performed on volcano slopes, and one of the most popular locations is the active volcano Cerro Negro located near Leon, Nicaragua.
The adventure begins by hiking up the black volcanic mountain, which takes around 40 minutes while the wooden board is strapped to your back.
Once you are ready, incredible speeds will begin to emerge as you slide down the small grains of volcanic rock!

Enjoy Sparkling Carribean Islands, Panama

Sparkling Carribean Islands, Panama

Ever wondered what a true Caribbean paradise looks like? Hundreds of wonderful islands and islets in Panama’s Caribbean coast are here to show you!
Bocas Del Toro is one of the most popular destinations and a fine example of what Panama’s Caribbean islands has to offer.
Situated near the Costa Rican border, Bocas Del Toro islands can be reached by various methods such as water taxi, plane or a ferry.
Whether you like to meet indigenous people, have a wild party or simply enjoy the isolated beach and pristine nature, here you will surely find an island that fits you the best!

Stay In The Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Located in a massive Lake Nicaragua, the Island of Ometepe is a beautiful union of twin volcanoes.
Visiting the Ometepe Island is an incredible experience for nature lovers and adventurers because everything can be found here!
List of potential adventures here is simply fantastic, offering diverse experience in one island. You can always climb both volcanoes, whether it’s the active one named Concepcion or the extinct Maderas volcano.
Other activities include kayaking across the epic Lake Nicaragua and River Istan that runs through the wildlife-rich swamps, taking a dip in the freshwater lake or swimming in the pools of thermal spring waters to name a few!

Stroll Around The Town of Suchitoto, El Salvador

Town of Suchitoto, El Salvador
Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Suchitoto#/media/File:Iglesiasuchitoto.jpeg

Suchitoto is one of the most beautiful and charming colonial towns in Central America and is located in El Salvador, near the massive man-made Lake Suchitlan.
The laid back atmosphere, lovely cobblestone streets, and colonial buildings will capture any travelers heart quickly!
Take your time and explore this picturesque town, admire the main square with the Church of Santa Lucia, colorful buildings and watch the simple life of the locals while enjoying local cuisine in one of the Suchitoto restaurants.
Taking a stroll around colonial towns like Suchitoto is a must-have experience in the diverse and beautiful continent of Central America.

Surf The Roaring Waves, Central America

Central America is also a wonderful corner of the world for wave riders and surfers, especially the wild Pacific Coast.
Every country on the continent hosts both quiet and popular surf spots with golden opportunities to experience and conquer the waves for both beginners and experts.

Here are some of the notable surf hotspots throughout the continent.
⦁ Santa Catalina, Panama
⦁ San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
⦁ Witches Rock, Costa Rica
⦁ El Paredon, Guatemala
⦁ El Tunco, El Salvador

Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

Lago de Yojoa, the largest natural lake in Honduras created by volcanic activity is seeing a growth in popularity and for a very good reason.
It’s still a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by more people and offers a wonderful experience in Central America and Honduras.
Its sheer size and nature surroundings open up opportunities that will fit anyone’s desires.
From bird watching, interesting coffee tours to hiking and exploring nature’s most scenic and beautiful corners, Lake Yojoa must be on your list if you are visiting the underrated country of Honduras!

Chase Waterfalls, Panama

Chase Waterfalls, Panama

If you are a waterfall lover and looking to chase them all down, then look no further than Panama.
With more than 500 rivers in the country and lush jungle everywhere, Panama is heaven for waterfall chasers and explorers.
The number of trails and waterfalls in Panama will blow anyone away with its selection and diversity.
With so many hiking trails and paths revealing the most beautiful waterfalls in provinces like Cocle Province, Veraguas Province, and Chiriqui Province, don’t be surprised if Panama becomes your favorite place on Earth.
Lace up those hiking boots, don’t shy away from muddy trails and protect that breath, because Panama’s waterfalls just might take it away!

Swim In Exotic Semuc Champey River, Guatemala

Exotic Semuc Champey River, Guatemala

Located near the bustling town of Lanquin filled with enthusiastic backpackers and locals, Semuc Champey river is one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and true natural wonder.
Even with such popularity and crowds, it is still quite tricky to get there once you start looking for the way to reach it. But it is absolutely worth every effort and time spent traveling there!
Once in the park, you can choose the easier trail to the river, or take a steep challenge that will lead you to the breathtaking bird’s eye views from the platform.
Semuc Champey is simply an outstanding corner of nature, simply jump in and refresh with icing river waters and marvel at its beauty and surroundings.

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